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Paranormal and the Unknown

who we are and what is chrystaliz

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What is Chrystaliz?

Chrystaliz started their journey as a duo, experiencing the paranormal and unknown through automatic (spirit) writing - and documenting as a blog. The writing is still very much part of what we do!

What else do you do?

We also hand make various sprays - including but not limited to - protection, healing. You can view our products in our store.

So why events?

We had been going to other organisers events for some time - we were even part of a bigger team for a while. We found that paranormal events were governed by what appears on the TV and are mostly confrontational - that is not our way of working. Fundamentally respect is at the core of everything we do. The way we see it is that we are the ghosts and those that live in these Historic places (that we visit) are the true residents - so with this in mind, we decided to do create our own events.

Our events are different, we use similar equipment to everyone else, but all the team leaders are/or are training to be spiritual mediums.

If,like us, you have a passion for all that is paranormal an wish to communicate rather than provoke, then you have come to the right place. We are lucky to be able to investigate some of the UK's most haunted and beautiful locations.

upcoming events

  • Belgrave Hall Ghost Hunt - Leicester
    11 Feb, 20:30 – 12 Feb, 01:30
    Belgrave, Church Rd, Belgrave, Leicester LE4 5PE, UK
  • (SOLD OUT) Bannockburn House Ghost Hunt - Scotland
    17 Mar, 20:30 GMT – 19 Mar, 01:30 GMT
    Stirling, Stirling FK7 8EY, UK
    Two battles fought upon the grounds and has hosted Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite Army during the 45 uprising.
  • Inveraray Jail Ghost Hunt - Scotland
    Sat, 18 Mar
    Inveraray Jail
    18 Mar, 20:00 – 19 Mar, 01:00
    Inveraray Jail, Church Square, Inveraray PA32 8TX, UK
    Inveraray Jail has a reputation as one of Scotland’s most haunted locations.
  • The Castle Ghost Hunt - Newcastle
    Sat, 08 Apr
    Newcastle Castle
    08 Apr, 20:00 – 09 Apr, 01:00
    Newcastle Castle, The Black Gate, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1RQ, UK
  • (SOLD OUT) Williamson Tunnels Ghost Hunt - Liverpool
    Sat, 20 May
    Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre
    20 May, 20:00 – 21 May, 01:00
    Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre, Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre, The Old Stableyard, Smithdown Ln, Edge Hill, Liverpool L7 3EE, UK

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