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So we get asked quite alot about the meaning behind the name "Chrystaliz" we usually give the answer that its two names into one (names of the owners) but there is a deeper meaning behind the name and the moth (logo)

The name -

The Chrysalis is the intermediary stage of a metamorphosing insect ie - a creature between two worlds.

The moth -

Is a deaths head hawk moth which harbingers death according to folklore.

So the idea of the Chrysalis represents where we are - inbetween two worlds. The living and the dead.

The "We Are The Ghosts" indicates the fact that we see ourselves as the transitory visitors, and only at these locations for a short time, apposed to the residents who have been there for 100s of years.

Our logo is hand drawn by John Pilkington who is a photographer and artist by trade.



  • Liz - Co- founder. Spirtual Medium and automatic writer. First Aid trained. Member of Ghost Club - studies at the Arthur Findlay College

  • John -  Co - founder and company's photographer. Member of Ghost Club - studies at the Arthur Findlay  College

  • Jane -  EVPer, ASSAP member, parapsychologist. Accredited Investigator. First Aid triained

  • Pat -  Sensitive and researcher.

  • Ben -  Guest medium.

  • Louise - Investigator

  • Jason - Roadie.


with the help of unoffical members. We have a fair number of years experience between us all, and we all bring something different to our investigations and we are very passionate in what we do.

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