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Sat, 29 Jun



Alcester Town Hall Séance/Paranormal Investigation - Warwickshire

Alcester Town Hall Séance/Paranormal Investigation - Warwickshire
Alcester Town Hall Séance/Paranormal Investigation - Warwickshire

Time & Location

29 Jun 2024, 19:00 – 30 Jun 2024, 00:00

Alcester, Henley St, Alcester B49 5QX, UK

About the event


Step back in time to 1618, a pivotal year when Sir Fulke Greville  III, the visionary Lord of the Manor of Alcester, breathed life into a  grand vision: the creation of a bustling market hub. With a purse  bursting with £300, he commissioned the construction of a market hall,  igniting a saga of architectural brilliance and community intrigue.

At the helm of this ambitious project stood Simon Whyte, a master  mason whose skill knew no bounds. With limestone quarried from the  picturesque lands of Chipping Campden and Arden Sandstone hailing from  the rugged terrains of Little Alne, Whyte sculpted a masterpiece that  would come to define Alcester's skyline.

But the tale doesn't end with stone and mortar. Enter the ground  level, a bustling arena where traders haggled, and goods of all kinds  exchanged hands. From the aroma of freshly baked bread to the shimmer of  fine silks, the market hall pulsed with life, under the watchful gaze  of Sir Fulke's Court Leet, ensuring quality reigned supreme.

Yet, beneath the bustle lay a darker reality. The shadowy depths of  The Hole, a basement prison concealed within the hall, bore witness to  the folly of wrongdoers. Its massive oak door, adorned with iron bars,  stood as a grim reminder of justice's swift hand. And nearby, the town's  stocks, with their unusual design of four iron wheels, awaited those  who dared to stray beyond the boundaries of the law.

Fast forward to 1765, and the market tolls, once a bone of  contention, vanished into the annals of history. Francis Greville, 1st  Earl of Warwick, struck a deal with the townsfolk: in exchange for their  upkeep of the hall, tolls would be no more. But the hall was more than  just a marketplace; it morphed into a beacon of justice, housing a  magistrate's court where the gavel of justice echoed through the ages.

Then, as the winds of war swept across the land, the hall's purpose  evolved yet again. In the aftermath of World War I, it transformed into a  sanctuary of healing, a hospital where the wounded found solace.  Renamed The Alcester War Memorial Town Hall, it became a shrine,  honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

But the hall's story doesn't stop there. Through the tumult of World  War II and the winds of change that followed, it stood resilient. A  testament to the town's spirit, it bore witness to the commissioning of  HMS Monkshood, a symbol of community strength.

And now, as whispers of history echo through its hallowed halls, the  Market Hall of Alcester stands as more than just a building. It's a  living testament to the resilience of a community, a monument to the  dreams of visionaries, and a beacon of hope for generations to come.


Step back in time to the echoing corridors of Alcester's Market Hall,  where history intertwines with the whispers of the past. As the sun  dips below the horizon, casting long shadows across its timeworn walls,  tales of haunting goings-on emerge like specters from the depths of  time.

Within the confines of The Hole, where once the clank of iron chains  and the desperate pleas of prisoners echoed, there are whispers of  restless spirits. Visitors speak of chilling encounters, of inexplicable  cold drafts and fleeting glimpses of figures vanishing into the  darkness.

And what of the ancient stocks, with their eerie design and rusted  iron wheels? Some say they bear witness to the ghosts of bygone days,  their creaking frames a lament for lost souls who met their fate within  these very walls.

As night falls, the atmosphere shifts, and the Market Hall takes on a  life of its own. Shadows dance in the flickering candlelight, and the  air grows thick with the weight of centuries-old secrets.

But amidst the ghostly whispers and eerie shadows, there is a sense  of reverence. For this hall, steeped in history and shrouded in mystery,  is more than just a building—it is a portal to the past, a keeper of  tales both tragic and triumphant.

So, if you dare to venture into the haunted halls of Alcester's  Market Hall, tread lightly and listen closely. For who knows what  secrets lie hidden in the shadows, waiting to be uncovered by those  brave enough to seek them out.


  • The night will start with a Séance.
  • Old school investigating.
  • Full use of equipment - ouija boads, k2s, emf meters, etc..
  • Limited number of guests.
  • Experienced hosts.
  • Spiritual medium for the evening.
  • Tea, coffee, and light snacks will be provided.


There is limited parking outside the Hall, but plenty of street parking.


Before booking onto this event  please read our Terms and Conditions.    We  cannot offer refunds and all ticket sales are non-transferable or  resellable.


This location is unsuitable for people with mobility issues and heavily  pregnant women.

Overnight accomodation is not included.


  • Alcester Town Hall

    +£0.88 service fee



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