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The Old St Mary's Church - Clophill

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

We went down here to see what Paranormal activity there was (if any) given it’s lurid past.

After parking up and climbing the long hill to get here we were greeted by the security light of the eco village and a plethora of signs saying no entry at night & warnings of alarms. After reading and ignoring the verbiage we went straight for the main entrance whereupon a WW2 style air raid siren kicked in and went on for about 10 minutes, Bet the residents of the eco village love it when the foxes are about. Liz didn’t like the feeling of the place so even though she could see & feel activity we decided to go home – whereupon 2 taxis and a private car rolled on up the country lane that constitutes access to the site,

A couple of days later we tried accessing the place via automatic writing and had the most marvelous conversation with “Charles Mathers”

CHARLES I am the keeper of the Church.

JOHN How long have you been that?

CHARLES Far before it was part of a settlement

JOHN What do you think of the renovations?

CHARLES Well it hasn’t been renovated

JOHN What about the alarm that has been installed? Did you see us the other night?

CHARLES Fun. Oh I did..

JOHN How do you view the church – it’s a bit of an odd one?

CHARLES Odd in what way?

JOHN It’s ugly & boring

CHARLES Bland? (symbol) it was quiet

JOHN Yeah bland

3000 – Boars

(this seemed a total random comment)

JOHN Why do you think so many people visit this place?

CHARLES (symbol) eN how many times have you encountered a GHOST! ARGHHH!

JOHN are you a ghost?

CHARLES But am I ? Am I a ghost. Am I reliving my recording so you put it.

JOHN What would you prefer to be called a spirit or ghost?

CHARLES John I would refer to be called my name -

JOHN Charles – I bet you have seen some right twats over the years

CHARLES t.w.a.t.s?

JOHN idiots. Fools, stupid people

CHARLES I have seen a few……

I have also seen some not so foolish.

JOHN Did you see them making the movie there?

CHARLES Happened to swing by

I Hope to see you again.

Perhaps you might stay longer?


JOHN Where were you watching us from?

CHARLES I watched from the graves in amusement.

JOHN How long were you alive?

CHARLES 82 wonderful and sometimes tiresome years

JOHN If you had a message for those in corporeal bodies now, what would it be?

CHARLES hug more

People have become detached.

JOHN Any of your relatives living locally?

CHARLES No long gone.

JOHN Did you travel?

CHARLES John I was born, lived and died there,

JOHN What year were you about?

CHARLES (symbol) 1101.

JOHN Ah before the Church?

CHARLES I was. I saw it built

JOHN Where is Gallows Hill? Is it close by?

CHARLES Far away was the hill

JOHN There was a grisly murder there wasn’t there?

CHARLES Yes but not at that hill.

JOHN Did you see it happen?

CHARLES No but I know the goings on.

JOHN Clophill has a bad reputation

JOHN Did you see the desecrations & rituals that went on after it was derelict?


CHARLES I saw those “twats”

CHARLES Long before them there was others, and after them there was more.

JOHN The Church is supposed to be misaligned – does this bring them in?

CHARLES No they church is not the wrong way round

JOHN What does?


JOHN Do you know of & perhaps communicate with others like yourself?

CHARLESFrom time to time I see them. We all have a right in one way or another to be there and no we do not nod our heads and say hello -

CHARLES(some of them don’t have heads)

JOHN Did you have a family?

CHARLESI had wife and 5 children

JOHN Do you miss them?


JOHN Who gave you the position of Keeper of the Church?

CHARLES I did. I have been there the longest as far as I can tell

CHARLES Emma was my wife

(another language) ----)----.

JOHN Do you still talk?

CHARLES No I can’t she took her own life

JOHN I can bring her into this room if you like? We just need a name (forgot he had already given it to us)

CHARLES Emma Mathers

CHARLES NO I was a man who believed in my faith when I had skin and yes I know it’s not what it is but I would like to respect that still when dealing with the human race.

JOHN OK – You must have been witness to so much

CHARLES Yes. I have seen it all John.

JOHN You still in contact with your children?

CHARLES Look things are different when you die you can talk to hose that you loved or you can go and do other things or you can be re born – you decide what it is you want to do. I was around a long time ago and therefore I have no idea what my children are up to

JOHN I think we have kept you for long enough – thank you for all you have said

CHARLES I have enjoyed my time thank you and see you soon

He obviously watches & listens to the visitors that visit the church & picks up new words & expressions. He’s got a new one off us – twats………..

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