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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Let's talk about orbs. Now we are not saying that all pictures are dust, but 99.9% usually are. Those that have seen orbs with the naked eye will know exactly what they are looking at/for. Orbs or camera artifacts are caused when microscopic reflective particles pass in front of a camera lens when the flash goes off. They look like orbs of light because they are out of focus. When the illumination for the camera is on or close to the axis of the lens then these things come visible. Nothing paranormal & all explained by Fuji who did a study because at first everyone thought their camera was malfunctioning. Then some medium said it's a spirit trying to manifest & everybody believed them because these orbs are so easy to catch. Back scatter refers to the light being reflected back into the lens by bouncing off dust & water vapour/ rain when very close to the lens. If you have a light source away from the lens it doesn't happen. An example of "orbs" (backscattering)

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