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Liz has been to the HAPRC before and never got much in terms of paranormal activity. Those that investigate on a regular basis know that places don't always deliver, so Liz was happy to go again with the "United in Paranormal" team.

When we arrive, our host Justin gives us a walk round the building. We don't feel much but still gave it the benefit of the doubt.

We split into two groups and we go about setting up equipment. We ended up in the seance room with Ghostbros.UK (personal friends of ours) I say "we" Liz ended up in the room and not sure where John went.

That's Liz stood up at the back. She soon kneels down and picked up a gentleman behind Justin. They go around the room introuducing themselves and when they finish Liz hears the name "Jonathan" she makes this known and they carry on with the investigation. Meant to point out when Liz first entered the room she asked everyone if one of them had a stabbing pain in their left ear - no one does - but remember that detail.

It's not long before everyone is affected in some way or another and Liz asks "Is there a skull in this room?" apparently there was two - one light and one dark. Liz said she saw a man in a grey top place this skull onto the table. She insists it's the light one but a guest called Kelly says thats a fake one, so everyone settles on the dark one. Justin places it on the table. It later came to light after talking to the owner of HAPRC that the light one is very much real and belonged to that of a murderer who was hung. Not long after Liz saw a young girl around 7 in a nightdress with her arm around Raymond - again confirmed by the owner that a girl in her nightie is seen in that room. Darran too sees this.

Liz recieves the name "Eliza" and "Ben"

Everyone feels like the room is crowded with spirit. Apparently the tall mirror is a portal. They go around the room again introuducing themselves, and at the end Liz hears "Jonathan" as she says his name for the second time, the carousel rem pod that belongs to Justin went off - sound and light. They ask a few questions and recieving responses through the rem pod. Liz asked if they skull belonged to him and Darran asked how old he was. He was in his 20's. Jonathan didn't stay around for long.

Someone suggested we try and find a field of work and they decide on the doctors bag by placing in onto the table. Liz places her right hand onto it and said this man conducted abortions - illegal ones. She was given the name "Bill" (William) and the last name of "Kelley" all the while she could feel thick leather straps around her ankles almost forcing her legs to part.

Liz picked up on Nuns on two occasions.

During the break, Liz and Justin spoke to Neil the owner. He confirmed the abortions and was pretty surpised and impressed that Liz got the name Kelley. He said she was one of the Jack the Ripper victims and that bag belonged to one Wynne Edwin Baxter. He was the doctor who performed the autopies on the victims. With this knowledge it made sense as Liz had spoken to William Gull in the past - it's all about the translation. He also said that nuns have been seen in the room.

Apart from a hunchback and the name Richard, Liz nor anyone else picked up anything else.

Oh! Remember the ear ache? When we returned in the room Darran said "I've got a stabbing pain in my left ear"

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