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Delapré Abbey - Part One

Another Battle site & I have wanted to go here for a while so, I coerced Liz down here to see what I could do on my own. The plan was for me to talk to the battlefield and for Liz to watch & record anything she saw. That was the plan but not what happened.

We rolled up and parked - I wanted to get stuck straight in, but Liz had other ideas. After wandering around the Café area together Liz walked round the building which has had a lot of work done on it since I was last there. I tried to get across the lawn to the seat overlooking the Golf course where the battle took place and watched Liz disappear into the walled garden.

Naturally I followed........

After I caught her up we came across a gardener coming out of a green house. He asked if we wanted any plants as two of them were digging a border out. The plants had white & pink pom-pom like flowers & Liz had already said she liked them. They were free, so we had 5 of them put into a bag to take home. Liz asked what they were and was told a kind of daisy called Bellis - Belissima. My hearing ain't so good, so (tongue in cheek) I asked the guy digging them up - "Sorry what did you say - Bell end." He fell about, but it took a minute or so before Liz & the other guy got the joke. Anyway having made someone's day we thanked him for the "bell ends" & he replied "enjoy them."

We then went out via the ornamental garden where Liz saw something in the trees, but it was too fast for her to see exactly what it was.

When we finally got to the park bench I had picked out, Liz started to research the battle on Google. On 26th June 1640 Henry VI was defeated by Earl of Warwick, Richard Neville and captured - some 300 soldiers died including the Duke of Buckingham, the Earl of Shrewsbury, Lord Egremont, and Lord Beaumont, with all the bodies being buried under the walled garden Liz had been drawn into.

Liz got her pad out, connected to her spirit guide & I did my talk. As I did all the fallen gathered on a low mound in front of us. Liz felt something on the bench about 4 foot high & I felt it as warm (which is unusual for me). She then felt them try to get her to lie down on the floor as if dead. I then explained to those listening what I was there for & opened up the portal for those who wished to move on.

I asked how many & got the reply hundreds, so I did a double take & left the portal open for all of them to pass through, hanging about for 15 mins or so after I felt them start to depart. Meanwhile, Liz has been writing......

"Lig Beur"

"Order - gets - wrong" (this refers to Lord Grey of Ruthin whose men laid down their weapons to let the Yorkists past)

"Killed many a man"

"We thank you"

"Keep talking Sir for you save us"

Picture is our new "Bell ends"

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