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Delapré Abbey - Part Two

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

So as you know we visited Delapré Abbey a few months back. You may recall the "bellends" story. Anyway, John found online that they were doing a reenactment of the civil war, and he wanted to go and take pictures for references. This time round the house was open to visitors so we jumped at the chance to look around. First thing we come across was the original door frames from when it was the Abbey. I place my left hand on to see what I could pick up, and my right hand lifted and pointed to the window. Looking out the window I see stocks. Found that rather amusing. We then went up to the next floor and it was a long corridor with portraits of the family that resided there. I pick out one bloke, Lieutenant-General Everard William Bouverie, which I then point out to John. When we went into the next room there was a write up about a scandal that plagued the family. Started by one Lieutenant-General Everard William Bouverie. Found that quite interesting. There was two rooms off this room, the right being a Library, so I headed into there. Straight away I felt the atmosphere changed and I hear "Elizabeth, come here" as I turn to walk, lots of noisy children appear. I left the room to go back once the kids had gone. In the meantime I told John what had happened. It was a while before the kids moved on before we went back in. First me and then John. I ask if he felt what I had and he said yes it was like walking under a waterfall. So I'm on my nightshift and I do a bit of research and I come across a write up about the Library. I'll let you read it for yourself.

Pictures of the door frame, Library, me in the stocks and Lieutenant-General Everard William Bouverie, and the writeup on the Library.

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