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30 E A S T D R I V E

East Drive is right up there on an investigators bucket list for obvious reasons!

We've all heard the stories on the family that was haunted by the infamous "Black Monk"

which the family named "Fred" Years later after people researched they came across a man who was said to be a Priest and his name was Michael. Allegedly in the year "whatever" he raped and murdered a young girl. He was caught, hung and thrown down a well that the house now sits on or next to. Tales of poltergeist activity, family members dragged up the stairs - all the usual reports. You can google East Drive and see the many stories from various sources, even watch the film that was made.

Trying to book this location for an event is like trying to get blood from a stone - near on impossible! Luckily after emailing the owner we managed to book a date from a cancelation. We had the place for 18hrs and really looking forward to going knowing full well it was probably all hype as this is usually the case. A small part of you though is thinking "but what if..."

Anyway, the day arrived and we spent the morning charging up equipment and changing batteries. We set off and arrived at the location by 6pm, met by our fellow paranormal family. We did a quick look round and then went live on facebook to show the viewers around the property - it is still there to watch on our page.

We had a quick brew, swapped ideas, set up equipment and off we went. On the walk round the only thing Liz felt was in the small bedroom, her left index finger started to throb as if it had been trapped in a door. Supposedly there is a young girl called Emma who haunts that room, and if you tap on the closed door and say her name then the door is meant to open on it's own accord. Liz tried this on separate occasions but nothing happened.

We split into two groups, one remaining upstairs and the other in the lounge area. With not much happening we decided to do the "Estes Method" which is someone is blindfolded with headphones on and white noise playing. They can't see or hear anything going on around them, so you can ask questions and they will call out anything they see or hear from the spirit world. We set Charlotte up on this is the dining area whilst Liz, John and Justin sat in the lounge. Again, this was recorded live. At the same time Liz pulled out her pen and note pad and started to allow spirit to write through her sharing her energy. What she got was completely different to all the stories that have been circulating since the 1970's - which is the case 9 out of 10 times. She started with the taste of blood in her mouth and this was comfirmed by a viewer saying "blood in the mouth is sufficient" turns out "Fred" had his tongue chopped off when he was captured.

What we recieved then was "Brother Michael" and "Grand Master" most will know this is more do with the Masons. Then we kept getting "Manger Master" and a viewer confirmed this was an opening payer or hymn in the Christian Orthodox Church. It soon came to light that a lot of blood shed had been spilled on that land and some kind of battle had taken place. Again, comfirmed by a viewer that the "Chequerfield Battle" had taken place just around the corner from where the house stood. It was part of the Civil War, which also involved Pontefract Castle and the nearby Church.

The rest of the night was pretty quiet with no one reporting anything "paranormal"

So is the place just hype? Our answer would be yes.

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